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Job Posting and Recruitment

Staffing Services – Our Business Engagement Specialist Team (BEST) will work with you to develop a customized plan that includes initial sourcing, recruitment and prescreening allowing you to focus on other important workforce initiatives. Exclusive staffing services can be conducted at your job site or at the One-Stop Career Center providing you with increased human resources capacity.

Job Ready Candidates – from our extensive talent database, we will submit premium job seekers that have completed our comprehensive internal screening process and match them to the requirements of your open positions.

Candidates of Interest – if you have applicants you are interested in for a current openings, utilize our network of services to provide you with additional assessment, training and retention resources to ensure the candidate succeeds in your work environment.


Comprehensive Pre-Hire Screening – We ask questions you can`t. All designed to uncover possible barriers to a new hire’s employment success. We have resources that can address those barriers.

Extensive New Hire Follow Along – When you hire an eligible One-Stop program participant, you immediately increase HR capacity to promote retention efforts. Staff follow along with the new hire for one year after hire to ensure their employment is on track. If there are issues, we may be able to provide resources to help.

Training and Other Incentives

On the Job Training Wage Reimbursement - We partner with resources that can provide you with a 50% cash wage reimbursement for up to 26 weeks to cover your costs in training our eligible candidates on the job.

Digital Literacy Academy – One-Stop program participants have access to free computer training. 100’s of available courses from basic computer skills to advanced Microsoft Certification training. All very costly if you were to purchase this extensive online library of Microsoft courses for your employees.

Pre-Hire Workshops – For larger hiring needs, the Business Engagement Specialist Team will work with you to design a workshop that will pre-train candidates in basic skills required for your work environment. This will allow you to develop a pool of applicants who have been pre-screened and pre-trained to in some of the basic skills you require.

Tax Incentives – There are multiple tax incentive programs that can provide you with tax credits from $2,400 to $9,600 for each eligible new hire? Including employees hired within the last 3 years! Our partners will show you how to access them.

Outplacement Services

Dislocated Worker Services – In the unfortunate event you are required to reduce your workforce, we can provide your employees with a wide array of services including job readiness workshops, access to training programs and employment opportunities.


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